Audi R8 gets more affordable V10 RWD edition

The V10 has been detuned to 532 horsepower.

Audi has resurrected its rear-wheel-drive R8 as a standard production variant, serving as a cheaper alternative to the standard Quattro edition.

The R8 V10 RWD's 5.2-liter engine has been slightly detuned from the all-wheel-drive configuration, delivering 532 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque -- down from 562 horses and 413 pound-feet of twist.
Power is delivered to the rear wheels via a seven-speed S-tronic transmission and a mechanical locking differential.
The new edition is visually distinguished by a glossy 'mythos black' top blade, while the bottom blade matches the body color. The front blade, side sill inserts and diffuser are also finished in gloss black as standard, with carbon as an available upgrade.
US pricing has not been announced, though the RWD coupe and convertible sell for around $24,000 less than the equivalent AWD R8 variants in Europe.

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