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Audi reveals PB18 e-tron concept

by Justin King

The electric sports car features a central driving position.

Audi has revealed the PB18 e-tron at Pebble Beach, showcasing the brand's latest vision for a high-performance electric car.

The all-electric performance car shares many design elements with the Audi Aicon concept revealed last year. It has been designed for the race track and street, with a central driving position that evokes the iconic McLaren F1.

The PB18 was referred to internally as "Level Zero," referring to a completely driver-focused car in an industry focused on achieving Level 3, 4 and 5 autonomous capabilities.

The driving position can be switched to the side via a sliding inner monocoque shell. An additional seat can then be accessed on the other side.

Like the Aicon, the PB18 is theoretically powered by a solid-state battery. The technology could enable such a vehicle to have a total weight of fewer than 3,417 pounds with a 95-kWh battery pack.

Dual power units provide 670 horsepower and 612 pound-feet of torque, with brief bursts of up to 764 ponies. Acceleration from zero to 62 mph is estimated to take "scarcely more than two seconds." Drivers can also expect a range of more than 310 miles according to the WLTP test cycle.

Audi is preparing additional visionary concepts to preview an upcoming decade of purpose-built EVs. The company is working on an urban concept that will make its debut in the coming months.

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