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Did Audi just tease a U.S.-bound station wagon?

by Ronan Glon

Or was its social media team having a little bit of fun?

Audi posted an enigmatic message on its official Twitter account which suggests it might add more station wagons to its American line-up. The company humorously suggested getting them here might require a little bit of black magic, however.

The German automaker's social media team surfed the summoning circle wave that's currently sweeping across Twitter. Users arrange 12 candle emojis in a circle, and write what they want to summon in the middle of it. Some users asked for a winning lottery ticket, a brand-new car, or a new season of Lost. Audi placed "Avants in the U.S." in its summoning circle.

summoning circle, hope this works

???? ????
???? ????

???? Avants in the U.S. ????

???? ????
???? ????

-- Audi (@Audi) March 8, 2019

The company has remained quiet since since, so we don't know whether it's the beginning of a teaser campaign, or merely a fun post written to capitalize on a trend. Audi hasn't seriously indicated it wants to sell more station wagons in the United States in the past; it seems content to offer the A4 Allroad here, where crossovers and SUVs reign supreme, and leave the A4 Avant and the A6 Avant (pictured) to buyers outside of America. However, a top Audi of America executive hinted the division hasn't completely ruled out selling high-performance RS wagons.

If Audi is indeed preparing to release a new station wagon, we could see it in the metal during the 2019 New York auto show.

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