Bentley centenary concept to be hydrogen powered?

The concept will present the 100-year-old automaker's vision for the future.

Bentley has apparently confirmed plans to launch a unique centenary concept to celebrate the luxury marque's 100th birthday.

The concept is expected to be a futuristic grand tourer, potentially equipped with transparent OLED displays that cover wood veneer trim and are only visible when active, according to Autocar.

"It's a view into the future... It's not only a design statement but a statement for the company," said Bentley design boss Stefan Sielaff. "It's about sustainability, social responsibility, local sourcing, materials. It's a big change in our thinking because society is changing."

Interestingly, the centenary concept is said to be powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain. A few automakers are still pursuing FCV tech, despite the lack of refueling infrastructure that has effectively stymied growth in the face of increasing demand for pure battery-powered EVs.

Additional details could surface ahead of the centenary concept's expected July 10 unveiling.

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