Bentley Flying Spur gets Blackline package

Exterior brightware has been replaced by black, including the Flying B.

Bentley has launched another blacked-out appearance package, introducing the Blackline specification for the new Flying Spur.

The Blackline edition replaces the Flying Spur's exterior brightware with black elements, including a dark version of the car's illuminated Flying B mascot that retracts into the hood. The theme extends to the radiator vanes, matrix grilles, light bezels and exhaust outlets.
The package comes standard with 21-inch alloy wheels featuring contrasting black paint and a bright machined silver finish.
The Blackline specification has proven extremely popular with Continental GT buyers, representing up to 30 percent of GT purchases depending on the specific model. In the US market, the Blackline package adds $4,735 to the Flying Spur base price.

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