Bugatti puts 1929 'Blower' back into production

The company will build 12 examples of the pre-war race car.

Bentley has announced plans to build a small batch of 1929 Team Blower historical cars.

The company claims it will be the world's first continuation of a pre-war race car. Only four examples were originally commissioned by Sir Tim Birkin and raced throughout Europe, including Le Mans.
The project requires Bentley's own Team Blower to be meticulously disassembled and scanned in 3D to complete a digital model of the entire car. Luckily, the company still has some of its original 1920s tooling to help specialists with the modern production run.
Mulliner specialists will be tasked with keeping the continuation cars as close as possible to the originals, aside from "minimal hidden changes" to better align with the safety standards of today. Each car will be powered by a four-cylinder 16-valve engine with an exact replica of the Amherst Villers Mk IV supercharger, producing 240 horsepower.

The company expects its Mulliner division to spend two years remaking the complete 12-car series. Pricing will only be disclosed to potential customers.

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