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Next-generation Bentley Mulsanne going electric?

by Ronan Glon

It\'s the end of the Mulsanne as we know it, according to a recent report.

It's the end of the Mulsanne as we know it, according to a recent report coming out of England. Bentley's stately flagship model will morph into a completely different kind of sedan when it gets a ground-up redesign.

Last updated in 2016, the Mulsanne uses the ultimate evolution of Bentley's 6.75-liter V8 engine. It's twin-turbocharged to produce 530 horsepower and a locomotive-like 811 pound-feet of torque. British magazine Autocar reports its successor could, somewhat predictably, go entirely electric.

The model will benefit from next-generation battery technology to quell range anxiety. Interestingly, Bentley could choose to mark the paradigm shift by retiring the Mulsanne name. It could also give the sedan vastly different proportions, though it's still too early to tell what the Mulsanne's replacement will look like.

Bentley hasn't commented on the report. The Mulsanne won't retire until 2021 at the earliest so the company still has a little bit of time to decide which route to take.

Even if the report isn't accurate, we already know the next Mulsanne -- regardless of what it's called or when it arrives -- will come with an electrified option, likely a plug-in hybrid drivetrain capable of powering the car using only battery power. Bentley remains firmly committed to offering an electrified version of every single model it makes.

Photo by Ronan Glon.

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