BMW to announce electric 3 Series in September?

BMW is taking a different approach to the EV segment.

BMW is taking a different approach to the electric vehicle segment. Instead of building standalone cars like the i3, the company is now preparing electric versions of its existing models. Executives will announce a battery-powered 3 Series in September, according to a German newspaper.

The eco-friendly sports sedan will be based on the next generation of the 3 Series, which will share its modular CLAR platform with the 5 and the 7 Series, among other cars. It's too early for technical specifications, but Motor Authority reports it will offer at least 250 miles of range in the wildly optimistic European testing cycle.

The timing of the announcement suggests we'll find out more about the very first electric 3 Series during the Frankfurt Auto Show. We might even get a preview of the model in the form of a concept, though nothing is official at this point.

The 3 Series isn't the only BMW that's going electric. Earlier rumors indicate the upcoming 4 Series GT will get a battery-electric drivetrain, too. The brand-new 2018 X3 and the MINI Hardtop are also expected to give up gas in the coming years.

Where that leaves the i3 is anyone's guess. The model will remain in production in the foreseeable future, and BMW is committed to launching a third i-badged model in 2021, but we wouldn't be surprised if the i3 doesn't return for a second generation.

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