BMW confirms image leak; new M3, M4 won't ship until 2021

The company denies speculation that the leaks were intentional.

BMW has apparently confirmed the authenticity of recent image leaks, including a photo showing an enormous grille on the next-generation M3 or M4.

M division president Markus Flasch has denied speculation that the company intentionally leaked the pictures, though he clarified that the car is "ready" for production, according to Australia's Carsales.
"It's a pre-production car that leaked," he added.The image points to a much larger grille than the current cars, meshing with the latest 7 Series refresh and the Concept 4. The company has argued that the big kidney grille "embodies the aesthetic essence" of the brand and has helped invigorate 7 Series sales despite lingering controversy over the design direction.
Flasch suggested the new M3 and M4 will not begin rolling off the assembly line until late next year, with the first deliveries expected to begin in 2021. He also corroborated rumors of an option between rear- and all-wheel drive and manual gearboxes for both models, though he cautioned the multiple drivetrain configurations haven't been officially confirmed.

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