BMW exec casts doubt on i3 successor

The company is pivoting toward electric vehicles that suit 'mainstream' tastes.

BMW is apparently not enthusiastic about the prospects for a second-generation i3.

The controversially styled EV landed on the market in 2013 and kicked off the company's early electrification push. It never experienced strong sales, however, lagging behind Tesla's more expensive Model S and now the Model 3.

Speaking to AutoExpress, BMW sales head Pieter Nota admitted "it is difficult to say if the i3 will have a straight successor" as the company shifts its focus "more into the mainstream" with the upcoming iX3.

"The i3 had a pioneering role - it was at the very beginning of BMW's electrification plans but what we are seeing now is that electrification is moving more into the mainstream," he added.

The German automaker plans to launch at least a dozen all-electric models by 2023. The MINI Cooper SE is next up, followed by the iX3 next year and the i4 sedan in 2021.

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