BMW reaffirms plans for standalone M car

The company isn't willing to say if the halo car will be battery powered.

BMW is apparently committed to building a standalone M car, fueling speculation of a modern spiritual successor to the M1.

Speaking to Top Gear, BMW M head Markus Flasch confirmed that "we have some very concrete plans for something new," though it will not necessarily take the form of a two-seater with a mid-mounted engine.
When asked about the possibility of an all-electric model, the executive cautioned that the M Division will only bring hybrids or pure EVs to market when they offer an advantage "in terms of character, in terms of performance." The company has no interest in launching such models just to be the first on the market, however.
Flasch declined to divulge any specific details about the type of powertrain the M team is leaning towards, though he did provide an indirect hint by voicing preference for a "model without a predecessor," which meshes with rumors of a hybrid or all-electric supercar.
The comments suggest the production car may not stay close to the M1 Hommage concept, which was reportedly put on the production roadmap a decade ago but has yet to come to fruition. The Vision M Next concept (pictured) represents the latest hint at a potential design direction if the M car goes all-electric.

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