BMW makes abstract art to preview Vision M Next concept

The design study will break cover later this month in Munich.

BMW teamed up with artist Thomas Demand to create four teaser images that preview its Vision M Next concept. The forward-thinking model is scheduled to make its debut at the company's headquarters in the coming days.

Teaser images are rarely revealing, but BMW's photos reveal absolutely nothing about the Vision M Next concept. That's intentional, according to the brand.

"The photos are fascinating and tell their own story. They are very close to the BMW Vision Vehicle and yet completely abstract, pure art. They will only become tangible when you set eyes on the Vision Vehicle itself," explained BMW design boss Adrian van Hooydonk.

Similarly, technical specifications haven't been released yet. However, considering it's a look into the distant future of the brand, we don't expect to find a twin-turbocharged straight-six engine under the hood. Something electric is a safer bet. And, it could show how BMW plans to wed the autonomous technology it's spending billions to develop with the pure, driver-focused ethos of its M-badged models.

In a statement, BMW wrote that it will fully unveil the Vision M Next concept during an event take place in its home town of Munich, Germany, later this month. While a firm date wasn't released, the company will likely release additional teaser images in the days leading up to the reveal.

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