BMW promises no M cars with front-wheel drive

The convoluted 2 Series lineup is built upon several platforms, including RWD and FWD architecture.

BMW apparently has no plans to launch a front-wheel-drive M car, which many fans would deem blasphemous.

The current range of 2 Series models is built upon several different platforms, including both front- and rear-wheel architectures. The new 2 Series Gran Coupe is among the FWD configurations, led by the M235i xDrive edition but not yet as a dedicated M model.
Speculation surrounding the next-generation 2 Series Coupe has included the possibility of a switch to FWD. Such a move seemingly makes sense to help BMW harmonize its platforms.2 Series project manager Gernot Stuhl has clarified that the company has no plans for a M2 Gran Coupe and the standard Coupe will carry forward on a different platform for the next-generation, according to an interview with Autocar.
"There will still be a hardcore BMW M2 for those that want it," he added, referring to the next generation. "If you feel like you need a compact car with more than 302 horsepower, there will be an offering for you in the BMW range."
In the meantime, the company is ready to debut the M2 CS with more power and less weight than the standard M2 Competition. M division head Markus Flasch considers the forthcoming CS to be the "most crisp and pure BMW M model that we have launched in quite some time."

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