BMW X6 gets "world's blackest black" nano-paint

The ultra-stealth X6 is a one-off show car.

BMW has created a one-off X6 painted in Vantablack VBx2, a 'nanostructure' paint that claims to be the world's blackest black.

Developed by Surrey Nanosystems, the super-black coating holds the world record for the darkest man-made substance. It was created for optical calibration systems in satellites.

"With such exceptionally low levels of reflectance, Vantablack produces some startling optical effects," the company says. "When it's applied to a three-dimensional object, Vantablack is so black that it becomes extremely difficult to discern any surface features, and three-dimensional objects appear to become two-dimensional."

Images of the ultra-stealth X6 have an appearance that seems like a computer rendering but are actual photos shot in a large light box.

BMW admits the Vantablack is a "rather unsuitable" paint finish for automobiles, as it virtually eliminates the perception of design details and highlights.

The Vantablack X6 will be shown to the public next month in Frankfurt.

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