BMW's V12 will stay alive until 2023 or later

The company is considering revamping the V12 to comply with future emissions regulations.

BMW has confirmed plans to keep its massive V12 engine alive for at least a few more years.

Speaking to Top Gear, BMW powertrain head Michael Bayer promised the V12 will be kept around for the remainder of the current 7 Series generation, "at least, until 2023."

7 Series product head Christian Metzger suggests BMW has been surprised by how much demand remains for the V12-powered M760Li, encouraging the company to keep the V12 in production.

"Since we revealed this car, we have been at maximum capacity building these engines," he said.

The German automaker is said to be considering keeping the V12 alive even farther down the road, though Bayer warns it will be difficult to bring the 6.0-liter bi-turbo engine into compliance with ever-tighter emissions regulations.

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