Next BMW i8 to boast 750 horsepower?

The latest report corroborates earlier rumors pointing to a pure EV, ditching the current i8\'s hybrid system.

Another report claims BMW's next-generation i8 will transition from a hybrid to a pure electric vehicle.

The current edition employs a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine to power the rear wheels, while a single electric motor motivates the front wheels. Together, the power systems deliver 362 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque.

The gasoline engine will be omitted in favor of two additional electric motors, each spinning at up to 25,000 rpm, according to an Automobile report. The all-electric powertrain is expected to be capable of producing 750 horsepower. Previous reports pointed to a potential output of 268 ponies per motor, however the numbers may not reflect the battery's maximum discharge rate.

The latest report points to an all-electric range of around 300 miles. Previous rumors suggest the bigger battery will not carry a weight penalty, essentially matching the heft available once the internal-combustion engine and related components are removed.

Automobile claims the second-generation i8 will again showcase BMW's latest technology, adding four-wheel steering and an active road-scanning suspension system. Rumors point to styling inspired by the i8-based hydrogen fuel cell concept (pictured).

The redesigned electric coupe may not arrive until 2022 or later. In the meantime, the company is expected to introduce a mid-cycle update with a more powerful hybrid system.

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