BMW M3 next in line for all-wheel drive, more power?

The next-generation M3 is rumored to arrive with nearly 500 horsepower in its tamest configuration.

The M3 is reportedly next in line among BMW's M cars due to receive optional all-wheel drive.

The company last year argued that offering xDrive in the traditionally rear-wheel-drive performance cars would be a logical evolution as power output continues to increase.

The trend started with the M5, introducing a unique xDrive system that could be switched between two 4WD modes or decoupled to enjoy all 600 horsepower sent to the rear.

Car Magazine now suggests the next-generation M3 will be offered with all-wheel drive, coinciding with a significant increase to nearly 500 horsepower in the tamest configuration. The current M3 starts at 425 ponies, while the flagship M4 GTS jumps to 493 horsepower.

Other improvements are said to include the GTS' water-injection tech and a 48-volt electrical system, providing extra energy for electric motors that spool up the turbocharger at low rpm.

Known by the development code G80, the sixth-generation M3 is said to be on track to debut in 2020 or later.

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