M4 GTS shows up in BMW's ordering system

A hotter M4 is coming soon.

BMW's rumored M4 GTS looks to be officially heading toward U.S. showrooms after showing up in BMW's ordering system. BMW is expected to officially unveil the high-performance M4 GTS at this August's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The addition of the M4 GTS to BMW's ordering system was revealed by BimmerPost user MikeBMWVegas. A screen shot reveals the M4 GTS will be available to U.S. buyers at some point soon, but no other details — such as available options or pricing — were listed.

Specs for the M4 GTS remain a mystery, but it's possible the car could come with a water injection system designed to reduce the temperature of the intake charge. BMW unveiled an M4 MotoGP safety car with a similar injection system in March.

Whatever form it takes, expect the M4 GTS to be lighter and more powerful than the M4 currently sitting in showrooms. You can also bank on a significant price increase over the run-of-the-mill M4, with a six-figure price tag not completely out of the question.

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