BMW sets two new drift records with 2018 M5

A BMW driver drifted an M5 for eight straight hours.

BMW has officially recaptured its previous Guinness World Record set for the longest sustained drift. BMW also nabbed another world record during the stunt for longest twin vehicle drift.

The world record was set by BMW driving instructor Johan Schwartz behind the wheel of a 2018 M5 sedan. Schwartz originally set the record for longest sustained drift in 2013 when he slid an M5 for 51.278 miles, but that record was beaten later in 2013 and again in 2014.

This time around Schwartz's should stand for quite a while longer as he managed to drift for 232.5 continuous miles, smashing the previous record by 143 miles. In fact, Schwartz drifted the M5 for so long that BMW had to develop a special refueling system so the M5's gas tank could be topped off mid-drift.

"We knew going-in that if we were going to recapture the world record for longest sustained drift and set the bar as high as possible, we would need to find a way to keep the M5 going without stopping to refuel,” said Schwartz. "In the end, the refueling system worked flawlessly and the M5 performed as expected. It was a big win all around.”

BMW says Schwartz's drift car had to be refueled five times during the course of the eight-hour drift.

While they were at it, BMW decided to set a second record for longest twin vehicle drift with the refueling car. Schwartz and BMW Performance Center Chief Driving Instructor Matt Mullins drifted the two M5s in concert for an hour, covering 49.25 miles.

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