Disgruntled BMW owner smashes M6 at Frankfurt show [Video]

I don\'t think that will buff out.

While most of the attention at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show was focused on the shiny new models strewn across the show floor, one unhappy BMW customer managed to garner a fair bit of publicity just outside the show's main entrance.

After dealing with years of unidentified squeaks and rattles and a transmission that clunked into gear, a fed up BMW M6 owner named Pourmohseni Hadi drove his six-figure lemon from his home in Italy to the front entrance of the Frankfurt show and began beating it with a sledge hammer. His friend Thomas Brunner also helped the cause, smashing the V10-powered supercar with an ax.

Hadi has apparently been pleading with BMW since he bought the M6 in 2008 to fix the problems, but the German automaker - for whatever reasons - never saw it fit to remedy the issues or offer the owner a refund.

"BMW Italia and the Munich headquarters have pushed the responsibility back and forth," a dealer in Italy told Germany's Bild.

For those wondering, lemon laws don't offer the same kind of consumer protection in Europe as they do in the United States. Still, there was probably a better solution than simply smashing the M6 to death.

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