Risden Engineering teases tuned BMW M6

Little known tuning house Risden Engineering is aiming to make a splash with its 6R.

Little known tuning house Risden has teased its first modified vehicle, a BMW M6.

The Risden 6R aims to turn the GT leanings of a standard BMW M6 into something much more at home on the race track. Although remaining street legal after its modifications, Risden has carried out a range of modifications that will make it a much more track-focused weapon.

The company hasn't revealed much about the 6R to date, but says that when the car launches in Q1 next year, it will detail all the modification work that it has carried on the car. What we know so far is that the Risden 6R has picked up new wheels and a complete aerosystem that includes a fixed and retractable wing as well as a front air dam.

Curb weight has also been reduced, while fully adjustable suspension has been along with a four-point roll bar and a revised braking package. Risden hasn't revealed any information about the engine modifications, but it is working from a very solid basis. An unmodified M6 V8 produces 500 lb-ft of torque and 560 horsepower.

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