Next-gen BMW 7 Series to lose V8, V12 engines?

Every variant will allegedly be electrified.

Bowing to regulatory pressure, BMW will not offer the next-generation 7 Series with V8 and V12 engines, according to a recent report. The firm will instead argue that electrification is the right replacement for displacement.

We already knew the mighty, 6.6-liter V12 engine that powers the M760i wasn't long for this world, but this is the first time we've heard about the V8's demise. Enthusiast website BMW Blog spoke to anonymous inside sources who learned that every version of the next-generation 7 Series will incorporate some degree of electrification, including mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology. These technologies will allow BMW to offer nothing bigger than a straight-six engine.

While some motorists will miss the charm of an eight-cylinder engine, they won't miss its power. BMW Blog's sources revealed the downsizing campaign won't lead to a less powerful 7. The plug-in hybrid powertrain will make 560 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque in its most powerful configuration, figures that are higher than the ones posted by the 750i in 2019 (445 and 480, respectively). How BMW will fill the void created by the 600-horsepower M760i's demise remains to be seen, however.

Weight is another significant factor. Electrification adds weight, but BMW is seemingly on a quest to make every new car it releases lighter than the model it replaces. It could at least partially offset the mass added by electric motors and the battery pack that feeds them.

Nothing is official yet, and we're taking this rumor with a long-wheelbase grain of salt. BMW just gave the 7 a mid-cycle face-lift (pictured) so it's expected to stick around for at least two or three additional model years. That gives the company time to figure out whether ditching V8 and V12 power is the right thing to do.

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