Bugatti Chiron closing in on sold-out status

Fewer than 100 Chirons are still available.

The Bugatti Chiron, as it turns out, is just as capable of flying out of showrooms as it is flying around a high-speed track. Bugatti confirmed on Wednesday that the multi-million-dollar hyper is nearly sold out.

When launch in 2016, Bugatti proclaimed it would only build 500 units of the Chiron hypercar. And, just three years later, the automaker is closing in on that production goal.

To date Bugatti has only delivered about 180 Chirons, but Bugatti communications director Tim Bravo says the company has another three years worth of orders on the books. That means the number of available Chirons is down to the double-digits.

"This means that less than 100 out of the 500 units are still available,” he told Car and Driver.

That's an impress feat for a couple of reasons. The first is price. Prices for the Chiron start at around $3 million for the normal car and $3.3 million for the Sport model, and Bugatti says customers spend, on average, $350,000 on options and customization. So the average transaction price of a Chiron is between $3.35 million and $3.65 million. Even for a hypercar, that's a steep ask.

The second reason has to do with the Chiron's predecessor, the Bugatti Veyron. Bugatti set out to build just 450 units of they Veyron, and it took the company a decade to hit that goal. At its current selling rate, the Chiron will sell 50 units more than the Veyron in just over seven years.

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