Bugatti's record-setting prototype becomes Chiron Super Sport 300+ special edition

The company has expressed no interest in going for the production-car speed record.

As expected, Bugatti's 300-mph prototype has become a production car known as the Chiron Super Sport 300+.

Limited to just 30 units, the 300+ is visually based on the prototype that hit 304.77 mph on a Volkswagen Group test track. The W16 engine has been tuned to deliver 1,600 horsepower, adding 100 ponies to the base Chiron.
The press release appears to avoid any explicit declaration that the production car can perform the same top speed as the prototype. The company has also changed its description of the 304.77-mph car, describing it now as a "series-production" vehicle. The contradictory language makes it impossible to determine if both cars are essentially the same.
John Hennessey -- also working on a 300 mph car -- recently told Top Gear that he was surprised the prototype exceeded the production Chiron Sport's top speed by more than 40 mph with just 100 extra horsepower and aerodynamic tweaks. His team estimated the prototype was likely "pushing closer to 2,000 horsepower."
Swedish rival Koenigsegg still holds the production-car record, which reflects the standard practice of averaging two runs in opposite directions in an actual production car.
Bugatti has claimed to be done with speed-record attempts after winning the "first to 300 mph" title with its purpose-built prototype car. The decision will make it difficult to determine if the production car's "300+" badge is misleading, unless one of the 30 buyers has enough curiosity and access to a lengthy stretch of pavement.

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