Bugatti considering electric, sub-Chiron model

It would put a much greater emphasis on comfort.

Bugatti has often openly stated its desire to expand its line-up with a second model, and the French company's chief executive revealed the yet-unnamed car could use a battery-electric powertrain.

"There, I would see us doing a battery-electric vehicle. There, the balance between performance and comfort is much more important, and it's about daily usability. This is what I see," Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann replied when Bloomberg asked him about the long-awaited second model.

The car would be more comfortable than the Chiron and not as hardcore, so it wouldn't need to reach jaw-dropping speeds in order to earn bragging rights. Besides, Winkelmann has indicated many times that top speed isn't as important in 2019 as it was a decade ago, when Bugatti was making the Veyron. He notably made the decision not to put the Chiron on a track to test how fast it can go.

His comments strongly suggest the second model will be positioned below the Chiron. Don't expect Bugatti to make a Mazda MX-5 Miata-fighting roadster, however. Regardless of what it's powered by, it will still boast a significant amount of power (Bloomberg pegs its output at about 800 horsepower), and it will cost at least $500,000. That's a bargain compared to the $3 million Chiron.

The second model is already in the planning stages. "Let's see what we can do. I'm hoping for the best," Winkelmann concluded. In the meantime, Bugatti wants to continue making coach-built models like the limited-edition Divo and the one-off, $19 million La Voiture Noire (pictured) unveiled during the 2019 Geneva auto show.

Photo by Ronan Glon.

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