Bugatti hints at 310-mph Chiron variant

The company would have to find tires that could handle such speeds.

Bugatti did not seem to put much emphasis on top speed when introducing the Chiron, however the company is now considering a variant that could break the 300-mph barrier.

The company is presumably working on one or more ultra-expensive special editions to follow the Divo and one-off La Voiture Noire in the coming years. The recipe will include lighter weight and additional power, potentially opening the door to an attempt at a speed record for production cars.

Speaking to Automobile, Bugatti head Stephan Winkelmann said it is a "possibility" that the Chiron can be adapted to hit 500 kmh (310 mph), though such a plan hasn't been finalized yet.

"There are quite a few ifs involved, like if someone is willing to supply suitable tires, or if the return on investment meets the target," he cautioned.

The executive seemed skeptical of the suggestion that electric power might help provide the extra oomph, noting that current battery cells do not yet have the energy density to make it work.

If Bugatti does produce a car capable of reaching 300 mph, it is not likely to arrive for a few years as the Chiron nears the end of its life cycle.

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