Bugatti seeks 'sexy' funding to develop four-seat SUV

The new model is said to be capable of "off-road driving."

Bugatti has all but confirmed that it is working on a high-riding model to sell alongside the Chiron.

Speaking to Bloomberg, brand president Stephan Winkelmann said the company is exploring how to fund a second model that could be a four-seater capable of going off road.
The executive had previously rejected the idea of building an SUV. Persistent rumors suggest the potential revenue of such an offering may be too strong to resist, however, and the company has already looked into borrowing the Lamborghini Urus platform.
Winkelmann hinted that the performance crossover could be an entry-level model with a price tag around $1 million, significantly below the $3.9 million price tag of the latest Chiron special edition that celebrates the recent 300-mph run with a production run of 30 units.
The latest comments and rumors point to a hybrid powertrain, improving the brand's average fuel efficiency and increasing power output beyond the Urus' 641 horsepower.
Bugatti is said to be considering some "sexy" form of alternative financing for the exclusive crossover. Unconfirmed reports suggest it could appear as early as 2023.

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