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Buick models to lose brand lettering

by Ronan Glon

The \"BUICK\" lettering on the trunk lid is going away.

Buick is making a small but significant change to its cars for the 2019 model year. Every single member of the company's lineup will stop wearing wear the "BUICK" lettering currently found on the trunk lid or the tailgate.

Website GM Authority (who noticed the modification and later received confirmation of it from Buick) notes the first letter-less model will be the 2019 Envision. Other cars (including the Cascada and the Regal) will lose the branding, too, but it's unclear when. It could happen all at once, when the company starts building 2019-model year vehicles, or it could be a gradual change. What's seemingly certain is that no nameplate will retain the lettering.

As GM Authority points out, the cars aren't going badge-free. The triple-shield emblem will remain on both ends, as will the lettering that designates each model. That means consumers will either need to recognize the company's emblem or memorize its nameplates to tell they're looking at a Buick.

Buick hasn't commented on the change so we don't know the reasoning behind it. To us, it sounds like an image issue. Many new car buyers still associate a Buick with retirement homes and the senior citizen discount at Home Town Buffet, which is a real problem when executives want to lure younger motorists into showrooms.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Note: Buick Regal GS pictured. Photography by Byron Hurd.