2020 Buick LaCrosse images leaked

The sedan gets a slightly sportier look.

Images of the 2020 Buick LaCrosse have been leaked. The photos show revised styling that gives the car a corporate face shared with other Buick models.

The photos were published on a Chinese government website that lists certifications of new cars, something akin to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US. The images were discovered by Auto Verdict, and shows a front three-quarters view and rear view.

Most visible on the new Lacrosse is a redesigned grille, with brightwork that extends out from sides and into the headlights, similar to a Mazda 6. The lower intakes have been updated as well, with sportier scoops on either side rather than a large opening that spans the front. The headlights are slimmer, too, and new wheels exude a sportier feel.

The rear sees a substantial revision as well. Taillights are now connected by a chrome bar that extends across the trunk. The taillights appear slimmer as well, as reflectors feature prominently in the lower corners.

These changes will probably soon be arriving in the US for the 2019 model year, likely for the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. The current LaCrosse has been on the market in pre-facelift mode for two years.

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