GM faces lawsuit over Cadillac SRX headlights

The class-action lawsuit encompasses more than 300,000 cars.

General Motors has reportedly been hit with a lawsuit over an alleged Cadillac SRX headlight defect.

Plaintiffs claim the vehicles were built with a defective headlight seal, allowing excessive moisture to enter the assembly and degrade performance or cause lights to fail, according to Bloomberg.

"The headlight defect can result in very dim light output or no light at all. Such malfunctions will necessarily result in low visibility at best, which can contribute to injurious, or even fatal, traffic accidents," the filing argues.

The lawsuit covers more than 300,000 vehicles from the 2010-2015 model years.

GM is accused of issuing service bulletins to dealers but without elevating the problem to a recall or making production changes to permanently address the deficient design.

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