Cadillac may become all-EV; no more alphanumeric nameplates 

The company is returning to actual names for upcoming models.

General Motors is considering going all-in on electric powertrains for the Cadillac brand, which will also revert to a more traditional naming scheme for upcoming models.

Speaking to media at a recent event, Cadillac president Steve Carlisle said that the luxury marque could become entirely battery-powered by 2030. The company is still gauging demand but expects at least the majority of its offerings to be all-electric as the next decade comes to a close.

Cadillac in January showed its first fully-electric EV, which will inaugurate GM's future EV platform. The model aims to engage the popular luxury crossover segment, though the flexible platform architecture is said to be suitable for a wide range of body styles across GM's brand portfolio.

The company currently offers a confusing mix of alphanumeric nameplates alongside the letters-only CTS and XTS, with the popular Escalade still sold under its traditional name. Coinciding with the EV push, Carlisle confirmed Cadillac will begin a "move back toward naming" by giving new models full-word designations instead of the letter-number combinations that anchor the existing lineup, according to Automotive News.

The new naming scheme is expected to slowly roll out over the next decade as Cadillac introduces new models.

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