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Cadillac teases XT4 ahead of New York debut

by Justin King

The compact crossover appears to be a bit sportier than the larger XT5.

Cadillac has released its first teaser images for the XT4, preparing for a formal debut late next month.

The company will run three television spots on Oscars night that focus on performance, technology and the brand's future. The segments also provide a glimpse of the XT4.

The videos and previous teaser shots suggest the XT4 will not stray far from the larger XT5 in terms of overall styling and proportions, though the compact crossover is distinguished by a unique grille and sleeker profile.

Unconfirmed reports claim the XT4 will be underpinned by General Motors' Epsilon 2 platform. Powertrains are expected to include a few different four-cylinder engines, perhaps topping out with a 2.0-liter turbocharged mill.

Full details will be revealed at the New York International Auto Show.