Cadillac CT6 faces first recall; seatbelt bolt may be missing

The assembly plant may have failed to insert a bolt for the seatbelt anchor assembly.

The 2016 Cadillac CT6 faces its first recall after a relatively small batch of vehicles left the factory with a potential seatbelt problem.

The bolt that secures the front passenger seatbelt webbing to the seat's anchor plate may be missing, allowing the webbing to detach from the anchor.

"If the seat belt webbing detaches from the seat anchor, the seat belt may not effectively restrain a belted passenger in a crash, which could increase the risk of injury," General Motors says.

The assembly screwup was quickly identified and resolved via GM's Speak Up For Safety program within a span of a few weeks, with just 131 affected vehicles shipped to showrooms. Each vehicle had received rework procedures in the seatbelt assembly area.

Service technicians will simply inspect the components and install a bolt if it is missing.

Image by Brian Williams.

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