Spied: Cadillac CT5-V under development?

Caddy appears to be working on its next-generation supersedan.

GM engineers appear to be developing the high-performance variant of the upcoming Cadillac CT5 sedan, based on these photographs sent to us by local spies Wednesday.

While the Cadillac CTS nameplate is being retired after this generation goes out of production, an updated version of its chassis is expected to underpin its replacement--the CT5.

It makes sense, then, that development of the next-gen car could make use of existing vehicles as test mules. This example, with trimmed-back fenders and a wheel/tire package that extends well beyond the body of what was at some point a factory-spec Cadillac CTS-V, supports that assumption.

We cannot completely rule out the possibility that GM is working on some sort of widebody CTS-V as a send-off to the current nameplate, however we suspect that if such were the case, we'd be seeing something with far more production-ready bodywork.

Cadillac's next-generation sedan strategy should become more clear in the coming months. We expect announcements during the auto show season, likely in Los Angeles and/or Detroit. Stay tuned.

Photos by Brian Williams.

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