Detroit: Cadillac teases unnamed EV prototype

Cadillac's new EV doesn't have a public name yet, but we got out first look at it at NAIAS.

In a rare surprise reveal, Cadillac showed off its first 100% all-electric vehicle at a preview event held Sunday ahead of the 2019 North American Auto Show (NAIAS).

Cadillac was very tight-lipped on details, even by teaser standards. The announcement said only that the new EV is "...part of Cadillac's aggressive product acceleration [plan]," in which the brand will spearhead GM's electrification efforts in a bid to compete with Tesla (and other electrifying luxury brands). 

"Cadillac's EV will hit the heart of the crossover market and meet the needs of customers around the world,” said Cadillac President Steve Carlisle, in the company's official announcement.

Cadillac hinted at other upcoming product as well, including a replacement for the aging Cadillac Escalade and an upcoming performance sedan (likely the CT6-V, which is expected to live a fairly short life).

This crossover will be the first GM vehicle on the company's forthcoming dedicated EV platform, which the company says has been engineered to be flexible enough to underpin a wide range of future electric vehicles. 

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