Electric Cadillac Escalade coming with 400-mile range?

The same hardware could power GM's electric truck.

The current-generation Cadillac Escalade is about as far from eco-friendly as possible. The General Motors-owned firm wants to change this image when it releases the fifth-generation model by making it available with an electric powertrain, and we have a better idea of what to expect from the model thanks to insider information.

Enthusiast website Cadillac Society learned the first electric Escalade will offer at least 400 miles of driving range. In 2019, this figure would put it at the very top of the electric car pack; even the Tesla S doesn't match it. However, Cadillac is counting on future advancements in electric car technology to reach that number, and it won't release the Escalade EV right away.

The next Escalade will make its debut relatively soon, and it will reach showrooms in time for the 2020 model year. The electric variant won't appear until later in the model's life cycle, however. When it lands, it will join the standard model and a high-performance version in showrooms.

The 400-mile range is interesting, because it might hint at what we can expect from the electric General Motors pickup truck we've heard about for the past few months. The Escalade is loosely related to body-on-frame pickup trucks made by Chevrolet and GMC. It doesn't take a big leap of imagination to assume that if Cadillac can make a 400-mile electric Escalade, Chevrolet can use the same hardware to create a 400-mile electric Silverado.

Cadillac ATS pictured. Photo by Ronan Glon.

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