Chevy Camaro's SEMA show-car styling heading to production?

The new front fascia is featured in the Shock-yellow prototype.

The Shock-yellow Chevrolet Camaro SS show car may serve as a preview of a production refresh.

The company recently posted images of a restyled Camaro featuring a bright color scheme. The car was presented as a SEMA concept but does not have any wild features that would be out of place for a production build.

Sources now tell GM Authority the company is attempting to bring the concept fascia design to market as soon as possible, aiming to reinvigorate sluggish sales.

The show car's front end steps away from the massive blacked-out layout with bridged grilles. The upper and lower sections have been split with a body-color band between the thin LED fog lights, while the bowtie logo has been placed on the upper section.

The latest rumor suggests GM may waste no time waiting for the next model year, potentially making the change partway through the 2019's production run.

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