GM Japan debuts Launch Edition for refreshed Camaro

GM sells only 50 Camaros a year in Japan.

GM Japan is offering a limited edition Camaro to celebrate the debut of the improved sixth-gen coupe with redesigned front end.

The Camaro Launch Edition was released on November 22 in an exclusive color meant to evoke the popular Hugger Orange color of the 1960s. It also comes with a black decal stripe running down the center of the car and black coated wheels.

At the launch event in Tokyo, GM Japan president Mr Wakamatsu said that 70 percent of Camaro buyers in the country had never owned a GM car before. The sixth-generation Camaro debuted in Japan in November 2017. Only 20 LT RS and 30 SS have been sold. In fact, volumes are so low that GM doesn't offer a right-hand-drive version in a country that drives on the left side of the street.

The price of the LT RS is ¥5,616,000, or $49,720, while the price of the SS is ¥7,128,000, or $63,150.

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