GM considers more single-cab Chevy Silverado configurations

The short Trail Boss and GMC Sierra AT4 are only sold overseas.

General Motors is apparently reviewing its US pickup lineup to potentially include more regular-cab models beyond the Chevrolet Silverado bare-bones work truck.

The company recently revealed the Silverado RST and Trail Boss with single cabs, but only for buyers in Middle East market. The GMC Sierra AT4 is also only available with a double cab or larger in the US.

Speaking to Muscle Cars and Trucks, Chevy marketing director Hugh Milne acknowledged that GM made a conscious decision to focus on larger configurations for its higher trim levels in the company's home market, explaining that "a lot of that is based on green house gas and how that is formulated." The Corporate Average Fuel Economy regulations consider a vehicle's footprint, essentially penalizing automakers for selling more short trucks if the smaller overall dimensions do not bring a significant increase in fuel efficiency.

"We had customers that were disappointed that we didn't do a reg cab short box, and we're seeing whether or not (offering one) makes sense," he said.

The Trump Administration has vowed to freeze the CAFE targets at the levels that were put in place under his predecessor, equating to an average 37 mpg versus nearly 47 mpg for vehicles sold for the model years 2021-2026. More recent reports suggest the federal government may roll out a compromise, however, that will simply require an increase of 1.5 percent per year rather than the existing rules that demand a five-percent improvement.

In any case, automakers are unlikely to make any big changes to their product roadmaps until there is less uncertainty surrounding the proposed CAFE reforms. GM is working on an all-electric pickup that could potentially offset the emissions penalty associated with shorter pickups, however the EV is not expected to arrive until 2021 and may not have much of an impact if initial sales volume is limited.

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