Chevrolet reveals regular-cab Silverado RST, Trail Boss, but not for US

GM apparently thinks only American fleet buyers want regular-cab trucks.

General Motors has revealed the Chevrolet Silverado RST and Trail Boss in a regular-cab configuration, but neither truck will be heading to US showrooms.

Ford and GM have relegated two-door full-size pickups to the role of a work or fleet truck in the US, while the Ram 1500 is limited to four-door Quad-Cab and Crew-Cab variants starting with the fifth generation for the 2019 model year.

Spotted by The Drive on Chevy's Middle East press site, photos show how the regular-cab Silverado looks when enhanced with higher-trim details including dark wheels, black grilles, lifted suspension, bucket seats and other upgrades.

There is no doubt that American truck owners tend to gravitate toward four-door models, however the resurgence of the midsize segment suggests some buyers might be interested in a regular-cab Silverado if it was available in US showrooms with a more attractive trim such as the RST or Trail Boss.

For now, GM and its rivals have not indicated any plans to explore such strategies in their home market.

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