Chevy Suburban celebrates 85 years

The nameplate is the first to reach 85 years of continuous production.

General Motors is celebrating another milestone as the Chevrolet Suburban turns 85 years old.

The company notes that the Hoover Dam concrete was still wet when the first Suburban arrived on the market in 1935. Initially known as the Carryall Suburban, the vehicle was built with a station-wagon body on a truck chassis with seating for eight and 60 horsepower.
The modern Suburban offers an additional six cubic feet of cargo area, seating for a ninth occupant, and a 6.2-liter V8 with 420 horsepower.
Switching to a truck-based platform initially attracted commercial customers in the years following World War II. The Suburban hit its mainstream stride during the SUV boom of the 1990s and continued to grow, though its sales are now eclipsed by smaller crossovers such as the Traverse.

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