Chevrolet partners with Roadtrippers.com on diesel Cruze

Chevrolet is highlighting the Cruze diesel\'s 702-mile cruising range.

Chevrolet has entered into a partnership with road trip planning site Roadtrippers.com to help highlight the extensive 702-mile cruising range of its Cruze diesel. Users who visit the partner website are prompted to enter their current location. The web app then automatically generates the various points of interest within an approximate radius of 702-miles of the location entered.

Chevrolet's partnership with Roadtrippers.com also means that you will see an advertisement for the Cruze accompanied by the slogan, "You'll get thirsty before it does,” in keeping with the spirit of Roadtrippers.com

Although the Cruze fitted with a nine-speed automatic transmission has an excellent range thanks to a frugal 47mpg highway fuel economy rating, the 702-mile range is only applicable to the six-speed manual variant, which sips just 52mpg.

For those unfamiliar with Roadtrippers.com, it taps into the popular crowd-sourcing phenomenon allowing users to upload various road trips that might suit those looking to undertake a variety of different holiday activities.

Users who are looking to go for a scenic road trip will also find a myriad of suggestions, while others who are looking to get outdoors can find suggestions on road trips featuring camping grounds. The site also recently integrated hotel accommodation booking services for those looking for a more refined overnight stay.

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