Electric Corvette hits 210 mph, claims fastest street-legal EV [Video]

The company charges $750,000 to transform the C7 'Vette into an EV.

An all-electric Chevrolet Corvette converted by Genovation has claimed a record for street-legal EVs after hitting 210 mph.

The run was completed at the Kennedy Space Center, which has a 15,000-foot runway with a high-friction concrete surface designed for Space Shuttle landings.
"First, we got rained out. Then we battled massive crosswinds," Genovation said of the run. "The GXE still broke its own world record for fastest street legal all-electric supercar: 210.2 mph...and there's more record breaking to come."
The company refers to its converted Corvette as the GXE, starting with a C7 donor vehicle and swapping out the internal-combustion engine in favor of an electric motor and battery. The new powertrain is said to deliver 800 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque.
The car is claimed to be capable of 220 mph, though the expectation has not yet been validated with an official run. Electric range is said to reach more than 175 miles.
In comparison, the current Tesla Model S tops out at 163 mph and the Taycan is only slightly lower at 162 mph. Both cars may be technically capable of going even faster. As series-production EVs, however, the companies presumably limit top speed to preserve long-term range. It is unclear if Genovation has figured out how to draw 210 mph worth of constant power from its battery without experiencing a significant reduction in charge capacity.
Tesla is working on a new powertrain that will help the Roadster achieve 250 mph or higher, which may require next-generation batteries that can handle extreme discharge cycles.
Genovation and its customers may not be worried about losing a bit of range after top-speed runs, as the $750,000 conversion cost will presumably keep the GXE relegated to a niche item for a few curious collectors.

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