GM working on all-electric Chevy Corvette?

The Corvette's chief engineer says "we'll get there eventually."

The oft-rumored C8 Chevrolet Corvette hybrid may not be the last step in the nameplate's electrification as General Motors expands its lineup of pure battery-powered models in the coming decades.

Speaking on Autoline's After Hours show, Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter carefully danced around the question of an electric variant, pointing out that GM's engineering teams are tasked with helping achieve the company's current top-down directive of "zero, zero, zero," a reference to zero-emissions powertrains across the board.

"That's ... a future state. We'll get there eventually ... that's our job, is to continue to work towards that," he said. "Electrification is coming; the question is 'how fast, how do you do it?' That's part of our job."

Unofficial reports have pointed to at least one hybrid Corvette on the C8 roadmap, potentially delivering 900 horsepower or more. The powertrain will likely integrate a relatively small battery with a focus on performance, consistent with other hybrid supercars.

The mid-engine Corvette appears to have been designed to accommodate an electric drive unit for the front wheels, however there is no indication that the C8 architecture is intended to hold a battery large enough for a pure electric powertrain. If the company is considering an all-electric 'Vette, it is unlikely to arrive until the C9 generation or later.

Notably, there is already a Corvette EV in the works but it is not built by General Motors. Tuner Genovation has retrofitted the C7 generation with an electric powertrain, delivering 800 horsepower and staking claim as the fastest street-legal EV at 211.8 mph. The company plans to build just a few dozen units, each with a hefty $750,000 price tag.

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