GM again stalls Impala CNG launch to resolve quality issue

Originally slated for summer 2014, the bi-fuel Impala is now expected to arrive in mid-July or later.

General Motors is reportedly facing another issue with its bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala, stalling launch plans once again.

Introduced in 2013 and initially slated for arrival last year, the sedan has been outfitted with a high-pressure steel tank that holds compressed natural gas. It can also run on gasoline when a CNG refill station is not nearby.

The company reportedly sent a memo informing dealers that the CNG Impala "has been delayed by a second quality hold," according to excerpts published by Automotive News.

Some customers are said to have placed orders and paid deposits for the bi-fuel car last year, but there has been little public information regarding the delay. A GM spokesman declined to specify what type of problems the company has encountered, instead vaguely noting that the model is being held to ensure that the technology "performs with the highest quality standards."

The project was presumably far along when it hit a few snags, presumably during the transition to formal production. Chevrolet even announced a $39,000 price tag and began highlighting CNG-cylinder durability testing more than a year ago.

The dealer memo listed mid-July as a potential ship date, though the company left open the possibility of further delays.

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