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Chevy Malibu Red Line show car headed to production?

by Justin King

Unveiled at SEMA, the Red Line package brings a wide range of body enhancements and unique wheels.

General Motors is may be considering a production version of the Malibu Red Line concept that debuted last month at SEMA.

The show car featured a silver body paint and a slew of contrasting accents including a black bowtie kit, dark grille, black roof and gloss black nameplate. The theme continues with tinted windows and smoked lenses for the headlights and taillights.

Consistent with the other Red Line models, the customized Malibu features modest red accents on the foglight surrounds and red stripes on its unique 19-inch wheels.

"Chevy is taking a look at creating a Red Line series that goes across different models," Malibu chief engineer Jesse Ortega told Edmunds.

The Red lineup also included the Camaro, Silverado, Spark and Trax, however the Malibu is said to have been particularly well received by SEMA attendees. A production version would presumably offer many of the same visual enhancements as the concept, though its lowered suspension is not expected to be offered as a factory option.

The company has not yet confirmed a final green light for the Malibu Red Line.

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