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Chevy Silverado gets trailer theft alert, parking brake assist

by Justin King

GM has finally started putting clear labels in the door jamb showing the GVWR, GCWR, GAWR, maximum payload and maximum tongue weight.

General Motors has detailed a long list of towing upgrades for the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

All light-duty Silverado models will support the myChevrolet app with a one-person trailer light test sequence.

The optional advanced trailering system adds a few more features including auto parking-brake assist, which automatically sets the parking brake when the vehicle is put into Hitch View to avoid vehicle movement after the truck is lined up with the trailer. The package also features hitch guidance lines on the rear vision camera to help drivers line up the hitch, while a trailer tire monitoring system can provide live status information for the trailer tires' pressure and temperature.

The advanced trailering system infotainment app organizes other monitoring information such as mileage, fuel economy and transmission temperature while towing. The system also remembers brake gain settings for the integrated trailer brake controller, while trailer theft alert activates the lights and horns if the trailer wiring harness is disconnected. OnStar customers can get alerts via phone, text or email.

The trailer camera package enhances trailering views with three cameras that provide a 270-degree view, thanks to two supplementary cameras mounted on the side view mirrors. An optional fourth accessory camera can be mounted directly to the trailer.

The company has finally decided to create a clear label for relevant towing data, which varies between different powertrains and trim levels. Drivers can now view a simple door jamb sticker to see the truck's gross vehicle weight rating, gross combined weight rating, gross axle weight rating, maximum payload, maximum tongue weight and curb weight.

The 2019 Silverado is scheduled to land in showrooms this fall.

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