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Spied: 2020 Chevrolet Trax

by Byron Hurd

GM's future compact crossover lineup takes shape.

GM appears to be taking the future of the subcompact crossover segment very seriously, introducing not only a new GMC model for 2020, but giving both its existing Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore a complete overhaul.

Despite some reports that yesterday's mystery GMC prototype was simply a Trax, our spies tell us that this is more likely to be Chevy's version. The greenhouse design, which borrows from the Chevrolet Blazer concept shown earlier this year and sports the signature kink over the a-pillar found on the current Trax, seems to lend credence to that theory.

GM has a new platform in the works for future unibody crossovers and SUVs dubbed VSS-S (for Vehicle Strategy Set-SUV) and rumors point to the possibility of these subcompacts migrating to that new modular system for the next generation.

Whatever platform they end up riding on, we expect they'll arrive with significant upgrades to cargo volume (and potentially passenger room) to address their shortcomings in that category.

2020 looks to be a busy year for subcompact CUVs in the GM house, and we expect it will mark some other firsts for the Trax nameplate, including the introduction of the RST trimline currently trickling down from Chevy's larger SUVs.

Photos by Brian Williams.

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