Chevy Volt sales reach 100,000 units in US market

Sales are strong this year, but not quite as high as GM hoped to achieve when it first unveiled the Volt.

General Motors is celebrating a significant milestone for the Chevrolet Volt, selling the 100,000th unit in the US market.

The company suggests the Volt has tallied nearly 1.5 billion miles in EV mode, out of a total 2.5 billion cumulative miles. The numbers extrapolate to nearly 58 million gallons of gasoline saved, or enough to fill more than 87 competition-size swimming pools.

The second-generation Volt is off to a strong start so far this year, thanks to its longer electric range, increased power and improved fuel efficiency when the gasoline engine is running. Sales have surged by nearly 75 percent to more than 9,800 units in the US through June.

"Based on Chevrolet data, Chevrolet expects the average 2017 Volt driver who fully charges the car regularly to travel more than 1,000 miles between gas fill ups," the company predicts.

Despite the strong performance compared to last year, the Volt has fallen short of GM's optimistic predictions declared shortly after the first-generation model was first unveiled. One executive in 2010 claimed the company was preparing to build 60,000 units annually by 2012.

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