Dealers using eBay to skirt Dodge Demon pricing restrictions

Auctions suggest some bidders may be willing to pay $40,000 or more above the Demon\'s $84,995 MSRP.

Some Dodge dealers are reportedly looking to eBay as a creative way to inflate Demon prices without running afoul of FCA's pricing restrictions.

Claimed to be the most powerful production muscle car ever, the Demon starts at a modest $86,090 (including gas-guzzler tax, freight) -- far below many 'supercars' that don't come close to its 840-horsepower rating.

FCA implemented a seemingly strict allocation policy that rewards dealers for selling at or below MSRP, bumping such orders to the front of the production queue. Any that are sold above MSRP will be kicked to the back of the line.

To maximize profit without violating FCA's pricing guidelines, eBay auctions spotted by Automotive News are selling the "allocation slot" to the highest bidder. The winning bidder is only paying for the guaranteed allocation and still must pay the MSRP at the dealer. It is unclear if the current auctions -- including one example bid over $40,000 -- are being further inflated by ghost bidders or perhaps involve bidders who may not have read the fine print.

At the other end of the spectrum, Kentucky dealer Hunt Ford Chrysler has a $130,000 "Buy It Now" listing for a Demon that will be sold for $30,000 over sticker. The winning bidder must dish out a $30,000 deposit "to place order in your name," and will pay the rest, presumably no higher than MSRP, upon delivery.

An inside source told Automotive News that FCA is 'monitoring' the auctions.

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